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Qingdao Tpi New Material Co., Ltd. was established in August 24, 2010, is a research and development, production, sales trans-isoprene rubber (referred to as "TPI") and a series of products based high-tech enterprises. The company has independent intellectual property rights and core technology, an R & D center is located in the rubber and tire rubber Valley National Engineering Research Center building, strong in scientific research. Company in Qingdao city of Lacey jiangshanzhen industrial park has an annual output of 30,000 tons built trans-isoprene rubber industrial device that is China and the world's first trans-ton isoprene rubber industrial installations. The device is a prototype of the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao Branch generous Thai Materials Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2006, with an annual output of 500 tons built pilot plant.
The company now has production department, equipment, power, technology department, safety and environmental protection department, business management department, financial management, general management, R & D center eight departments. At the same time the Company as the leading, and Qingdao University of Technology, soft control group cooperation established national gutta percha Academy. Institute is China's first scientific and technological research institutions gutta percha, gutta-percha is China's important pioneering science and technology, infrastructure, forward-looking, practical, comprehensive research base, but also the first international scientific and technological research institutions gutta percha , will lead the gutta percha scientific development, promote the industrial application of gutta percha.
The company has a trans-isoprene rubber synthesis technology, belonging to the State "863" high-tech research and development of new materials, project plans, in 2000 won the National Technology Invention, products to fill the gap, and has made China, the United States, Russia, patents , is to have independent intellectual property rights and core technologies of the original innovation.
Our products trans-isoprene rubber, also known as synthetic gutta percha, with rubber duality is a unique performance, widely used polymer materials. Products are mainly used in manufacturing high-performance green tires, medical materials, shape memory materials, high performance rubber products, shoe materials, automotive interior parts, shock absorbers and high-speed trains aviation, aerospace, military and other fields.
The company plans to use 5-10 years, invested over 10 million yuan into the annual output over 100,000 tons of the world's largest trans-isoprene rubber R & D and production base.
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