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Companies adhere to teamwork, continuous innovation as the driving force of development effort to create market demand environmentally friendly, high-tech products; adhere to the refinement and standardization of regulatory requirements to ensure the smooth operation of enterprises with international standards; adhere to the times, grasp the industry's most cutting-edge technology to create a learning organization, provide a channel for staff development and platform; adhere seek contributions to society, for enterprise and development, for the benefit of employees of the human spirit, to create value, willing to share, so that every employee able to work hard, treat life.

The quality standard of the first person

1. Complete the task in the first time;

2. Actively carry out work;

3. Pay attention to details;

4. Continuous innovation;

5. Satisfy customers;

6. Have the courage to take responsibility;

7. Take the team goal as one's own responsibility;

8. Create value to the maximum extent;

9. The company's business is my business;

10. Pay attention to image and make good use of etiquette.

Corporate mission: create new materials and serve the world

Corporate vision: to build the world's largest trans-isoprene rubber production, research and development, and application base; to lead the world's trans-isoprene rubber technology development; to establish a century-old foundation.

Core values — enterprise spirit:

Unity and cooperation, innovation, excellence, pursuit of excellence

Business philosophy: collaboration, innovation, precision, and win-win

Talent concept: choose right people, employ people; people make things happen, things educate people; educating people diligently, and strict management.

Safety concept: prevention first, safety first, comprehensive management.

Quality concept: Quality is the life of an enterprise

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